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Peribit Networks Provides Quaker Chemical With Global Solutions; Instant WAN Capacity Boost of Over Three Times Facilitates Enterprise Application Deployment

September 16, 2002 at 8:13 AM EDT

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sep 16, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Peribit Networks, the global leader in bandwidth creation products that boost application performance, today announced that it had signed a global deal with Quaker Chemical Corp. (NYSE:KWR) for multiple sites in Europe and the U.S. including the Netherlands, Spain, Detroit, Michigan and the company's headquarters in Conshohocken, Pa. Installation will continue in South America and Asia into 2003. By using Peribit's Sequence Reducer products, Quaker Chemical has been able to increase WAN capacity three-fold.

"Quaker is a global enterprise and our success depends on sharing information. Our challenge is how to get bandwidth at a price we can afford," said Irving Tyler, vice president and chief information officer at Quaker Chemical Corp. "Up to now our only option was to add more bandwidth. Now Peribit gives me options I didn't have before. I can avoid buying more bandwidth, downsize a circuit, add VoIP or just be sure I have enough bandwidth to support new application rollouts."

Within a few minutes, the SR-50's non-intrusive `profile' mode using a mirrored switch port allowed Quaker Chemical to instantly see the performance benefits the company would see with an actual installation. A quick ten-minute installation on the link between Quaker's data center and its European headquarters in the Netherlands instantly increased capacity by over three times. Peribit's products are based on a technology called Molecular Sequence Reduction (MSR). MSR provides instant bandwidth capacity creation of up to ten times by eliminating the transmission of repeated data patterns over the wide area network.

According to Tyler from Quaker: "We ran a trial in Europe and found that the SR-50 was easy to install and showed its value right away. The solution from Peribit comes with extensive web-based reports that provide the analysis you need to see how it works and exactly what it can do for your applications. The people at Peribit are experts in this vital area of IT and led us right through the installation and analysis. Choosing the Peribit solution was easy.

"I needed more WAN capacity. In some parts of our global enterprise more bandwidth is not easy to obtain and in other locations it is prohibitively expensive. We are rolling out an ERP system, decision support systems and knowledge management tools that are completely web-based and centrally managed. Bandwidth is the key to successful performance of these systems. Peribit provided me with an easy, reliable and cost effective solution," said Tyler.

"Quaker's experience is not unique," said Jef Graham, president and CEO of Peribit Networks. "Sequence Reducer products have been installed in over 100 sites throughout the U.S. and Europe since we began shipping last September. Many of our customers are on their second and third Peribit product orders. The reason is simple. We boost network performance dramatically and let companies run more applications over the WAN. And the fact that our products are easy to evaluate, install, and operate, with a strong return on investment, make it an easy decision for most companies."

About Quaker Chemical

Quaker Chemical Corp. (NYSE:KWR), headquartered in Conshohocken, Pa., is a worldwide developer, producer and marketer of customer-formulated chemical specialty products and a provider of chemical management services for manufacturers around the globe, primarily in the steel and automotive industries. Founded over 80 years ago, Quaker operates in more than 16 countries around the world and sells in more than 40.

Irving Tyler is vice president and chief information officer. Quaker Chemical Corp. was announced in August 2002 as the winner of the prestigious CIO 100 award from CIO Magazine.

About Peribit Networks

Founded in May 2000, Peribit Networks is now the world leader in bandwidth creation products that boost application performance. Peribit's patent-pending Molecular Sequence Reduction (MSR) technology dramatically improves wide-area network (WAN) performance. The development of MSR marks the first time DNA research techniques have been used to bolster the performance and capacity of IT applications. Peribit has discovered that up to 90 percent of WAN traffic is repetitive data. Using MSR, Peribit's products identify and eliminate repetitive data running over wide area network links, effectively increasing capacity by up to 10 times instantly, without the need for purchasing additional bandwidth. Peribit's products frequently provide a hard dollar ROI in a matter of months. Peribit is the recipient of Network Computing's Companies to Watch designation and Technologic Partners' Investor's Choice Award. A privately held company, Peribit is funded by top-tier investors Accel Partners, Foundation Capital and Mayfield. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Peribit has operations throughout North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit the company's website at

Peribit, Molecular Sequence Reduction, and Peribit Profile Mode are registered trademarks of Peribit Networks.

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