Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability

A Message From Our CEO, Mike Barry

In August 2019, Quaker Chemical Corporation (Quaker) and Houghton International combined to create Quaker Houghton (NYSE: KWR), the global leader in industrial process fluids to the primary metals and metalworking markets. Since then, our teams have been integrating to form one company working for a shared purpose – one that creates long-term sustainable value for our customers, our colleagues, our communities, and our shareholders. As a result we are pleased to share our progress with our newly released 2019 Sustainability Report.

Mike Barry

How We Work

At Quaker Houghton, we believe there are three key drivers to ensuring the sustainability and ultimate success of our business: our principles, our performance, and our people. These drivers guide our decisions with the external world, including supporting sustainability by investing in areas like:

Health and safety of our people;

Operational excellence (including improving the environmental footprint and process safety of our operations);

Considering environmental, health, and safety factors throughout the entire product life cycle;

Innovations that help our customers stay ahead and reach their own sustainability goals;

Supporting our communities through volunteering and charitable giving; and

Embracing the diversity of our colleagues and supporting their growth.

Our focus on sustainability continues to evolve along with our company. Five years ago, Quaker made the commitment to improve our environmental footprint by reducing energy, waste, and water usage across our operations, and we are pleased to share that progress as part of this report. In 2019, as part of the Quaker Houghton integration, we further enhanced our sustainability efforts and improved our safety programs by introducing an aligned set of "Lifesaving Rules" aimed at preventing serious injuries and fatalities in our global workforce. We also invested in several state-of-the-art platforms for safety training, incident management, and product regulatory compliance; and are strengthening the oversight of our sustainability efforts with the appointment of our new VP of EHS, Product Stewardship, and Sustainability.

I am pleased to announce that in 2020, we will introduce two new sustainability committees – one at our executive management level and the other as a part of our Board of Directors. Together, these bodies will set direction and help guide our progress across all aspects of sustainability as we establish a new set of goals through 2025.

Amplifying Our Impact for a Brighter Future

Through the combination, Quaker Houghton has doubled in size and multiplied our potential for positive impact. As one company, we now have a much broader and diverse customer base, supporting more than 15,000 customers around the world in the aerospace, aluminum, automotive, machinery, can manufacturing, industrial parts manufacturing, mining, offshore, steel, and tube and pipe industries. Those customers depend on Quaker Houghton to help them achieve their own sustainability goals. Our experts partner with our customers to deliver more sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of our customer's manufacturing operations, minimize chemical consumption, support a safer work environment, while also optimizing their operations and reducing costs.

One of the biggest benefits of our combination is the diversity of knowledge and experience of our people. Bringing together our global R&D and strategic business organizations, we are now better able to capitalize on that global knowledge and dedicate more resources to exploring the near and long-term challenges our customers are facing. That information helps us prioritize our own innovation pipeline – ensuring our customers are prepared to lead through the changes that come with a dynamic global climate, evolving regulatory landscape, and the fluctuating needs of areas like transportation and infrastructure. We are also using our expanded reach to make a difference in the communities we live and operate in. Through volunteering and charitable giving, our colleagues and our company make an impact by supporting events like beach cleanups, education days for local schools, and charity drives.

Forward Together™

We are building a company that fundamentally believes in doing the right thing, protecting what matters most, and working for a shared purpose. I would like to thank all our colleagues around the world for their efforts in making Quaker Houghton a successful and more sustainable company. By uniting our resources, Quaker Houghton and its colleagues are able to drive progress and do more together than ever before to make the world a better, safer place tomorrow.

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Sustainability Report